The Weather Outside is Weather

Springtime in New York is generally a wonderful time, but this witchy woman we call Winter has been holding on for dear life. Regardless, I've been trying to forge ahead with the Spring season because I am in denial. This is what a Spring-Winter in NYC looks like:

B-R-O-OK-L-Y-N, come again?

So, I don't know if you've noticed, but there are waaay too many photos of multiple dining experiences at Cafe Gitane. It's a thing. I have this insatiable appetite for Café Gitane (the West Village location). It could be that two of my best friends work there, or it could be the unimaginably incredible avocado toast, watermelon mimosas, and the bright, airy space... Probably the latter.

I also have a deep appreciation for mixing aesthetics. Particularly feminine and gothic aesthetics. I have animal skulls and bones all over the apartment, but I also have mason jars full of soft pink and white peonies. I have crystals and black candles in one room, but I also have white hydrangeas and repurposed wooden crates in another room. I'm all over the place! I feel like it keeps things interesting and suits every mood.

Also, I had to throw in the obligatory "it's not coat weather anymore!" photo.  I get quite a few compliments in this jacket... I love telling people is was from Asos. They're always astounded. #butfirstletmetakeaselfie