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I've had two flattering encounters with colleagues today. One called me just to let me know that she had an idea for a new profession for me: modeling. I scoffed and told her she was far too sweet, and she continued by saying that she loved every photo she'd seen of me and thought that I was beautiful enough to have a modeling career. The second came when a colleague I see every day ventured into my office for small talk and told me that I have a very beautiful face. Something is in the air on the 7th floor of my office building!

While those tales serve to boost my ego, they simultaneously serve to remind me to pay the compliments forward. Not in exchange, just forward. There are a number of time that I see women on the street with impeccable style and I fail to give them the flattering boost they deserve because either it would take "too much time" to stop and let someone know that their creative efforts aren't lost on others, or because you never know how a woman will react to such a compliment. I say this about women because women can't just walk up to men on the street and let them know how great they look, or that they're dressed exceptionally well, without looking desperate, unfortunately.

Flattery makes both parties feel great. When you pay someone a compliment you make that person feel like their effort isn't wasted, and you make yourself feel alright about making someones day a little brighter.

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  1. I try to make it a point to stop a lady and tell her when I like something she's wearing, possibly ask where she got it from! It usually makes their day. Do it!!! :) Love you!