So. Many. Acronyms.

NYFW/FNO/IFBCON/etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

It's that time of year again, ladies & gents. Fashion Week is upon us, and the city is replete with (gl)amazons possessing the "make it or break it" spirit, all of whom are trying to land a gig sauntering down the runways of the most notorious names in fashion. While I generally love this time of year because I'm always so eager to see what my favorite brands are rolling out for the seasons that I won't be dressing for for another 7 months, I've recently noticed how nonplussed I've become with the direction that all major brands are taking on the runways.

As a self-proclaimed novice fashion analyst (that's a title.. I would know because I made it up), I've noticed over the years that major designers are continually three paces behind in forecasting trends. They're increasingly taking queues from "street style" and attempting to reinvent it on the runways, which makes for dull viewing. I'd so much rather create something for myself, or style something for myself than take direction from the power players in the industry who are, in turn, taking direction from me and my peers. Don't get me wrong, most of their design concepts and pieces are beyond anything my measly excuse for a creative brain could even imagine mustering up, and that is what keeps the brands so relevant, in my opinion. But, the inspiration for said incredibly constructed designs is so often lifted from novice "Fashionistas" that I find myself constantly referring back to the big name basics, and channeling any inspiration I might have into recreating already-been-worn pieces from another persons discarded wardrobe. Anything that I may purchase that is on trend is through major retailers that have made "Fashionista" an accessible label and force fed the general public trendy fashion concepts at affordable prices.You make it available, we'll certainly consume it. I'm no exception to that rule. Sadly.

I commend my peers ballsy enough to create the trends and become the game changers. I hope to see a day when major labels aren't borrowing inspiration from them, rather that my peers ARE the major players creating (or having already created) the major labels. 

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