Rock and Roll Betty Draper

Sometimes I let people take photos of me. Using professional equipment. It's nerve wracking to be on that side of the lens, especially when you're as much of a novice as I am, despite all of the years I've been doing this. One would think I would have developed a comfortable relationship with the camera after six years, but I am never really that comfortable when someone is shooting me, and it shows. I decided that I would just start embracing my awkward interactions with the lens and let the final products speak for themselves in their own genre.

Recently, I took some photos with my good friend Lauren Wool of Lauren E. Wool Photography. The idea surfaced when she was shooting a designer for an editorial and was completely uninspired by the lookbook the designer had produced. Our original intention was to shoot a Rock 'n Roll Betty Draper (something my friends refer to me as) scene, but ended up being a champagne-fueled gritty (in a good way), raw shoot in the vein of Terry Richardson. It was fun. As Lauren develops her website and portfolio, I'm sure there will be more days like this to come, and I promise to make them more professional and try to take myself seriously, but, until those shoots, we can continue to pop bubbly and roll with the punches.. Or snaps.

(Courtesy of Lauren E. Wool)

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