Seeking: Upscale hipsters with tattoos

Let me preface this post with two things:
1) I rarely take a day off of work, and, if I do, I am glued to my BlackBerry in the instance that I have to extinguish any small fires at the office; and
2) It's no longer a question of whether or not you're a hipster, it's a question of what type of hipster you are.

So, I decided to take a personal day yesterday - a personal day that didn't involve my boss telling me to take a day off because he wouldn't be in the office either. In fact, I'm sure he would have preferred me being in the office instead of just communicating via BlackBerry. I didn't take the day off to go to the doctor, or run any errands that needed to be run, etc. Instead, I took the day off to work on the new HBO show Girls. This was no featured part, there were no lines, and you probably wouldn't recognize me unless you knew what to look for, but I decided to do it anyway because I thought it would be fun, and, hey, I got paid and got free breakfast & lunch for minimal work effort. I take that back, the shoot consisted of 8 straight hours of dancing in a hot room, so maybe a step above minimal work effort.

Regardless, the reason I write this is because of the casting notice that I responded to, which seems to be appearing everywhere lately, that specifically stated: "looking for upscale hipsters with tattoos." I know that my tattoos, and general aesthetic, don't necessarily represent Hollywood's standard of beauty, but, in order to stay relevant and appeal to the younger generations, they're increasingly seeking out people my age, with my aesthetic, to fill new roles. As much as actors don't like to be typecast, this could actually work in our favor in the future if we're looking to exploit our perceived "hipster with tattoos" look... I'm not saying I'm an actor again, or that I'm even going to take this any further than having fun shooting some shows and student films, but I am liking this new direction and the possibilities it leaves open for me, and people like me, should I ever want to take this further - or try to, at least.


Sweet Rock 'n Roll.

Sweet Rock 'n Roll.

This is what my life looks like every day.

Money, success, fame, glamour

I've been grappling (yes, "grappling," because this is of the UTMOST importance) with the decision to take an East Coast hiatus and venture to LA for a year or two. I'm a born and raised East Coast-er.. I mean, I've never lived anywhere that wasn't directly on the Atlantic. The geographical locations of my upbringing aside, it's a feat to make life altering decisions based on whims, or feelings, or things of that nature, but, my inherent individuality removes a large obstacle that could otherwise act as a crutch. A terrifying reality, not having ready-made excuses.

Those who want me to stay are viewing this as rash, impetuous, impromptu, and any other synonym for "impulsive" they can muster, because they think that I'm running from something. Not that they're so harsh as to use those exact words, but in so many, you get the gist of what they're trying to say. I don't view this decision (that I'm still technically grappling with) as impetuous, because if it were, I would have quit my job and sold all of my furniture and hauled ass out west. I'm not going to say that it's not, in the least, a tad rash, because there are a number of things that I'm not finished doing here that I'll be putting on hiatus for the moment. I'm always going to come back here. This is my home. But, I'm not in any capacity to settle down and start the rest of my life right now.

I have the need, means, and ability to act on [slight] impulse with regard to where I so choose to plant myself for any particular moment, or any other impulse I should choose to act on for that matter. This particular moment seems to be pulling due west and I'm at a loss as to why I shouldn't just follow it.

Hey, Hollywood.