Nouvel An

In light of the new year, I've decided to memorialize some resolutions for accountability. I figure, if I at least quantify certain goals to the abyss I have no choice but to uphold, or attempt to uphold, them for the sake of keeping my word. There are a number of "goals" I'd love to accomplish by year (/world, eek!) end 2012.. and, by goals, I really mean selfish ambitions without the added societal contribution. To be honest, ambition is a rather aggressive word to describe these resolutions. I'd say they're more initiatives by way of reality-checks than anything else.

Reality check #1: "You're not Warren Buffett" initiative.
I've paraded my financial pittance with grandiosity far too long. It's time I batten the hatches and rein in my consumerism. While this means terrible things for my expensive palate and wardrobe, there are far more important things in life than spending all of your hard-earned capital on the things that bring you the most joy.  Namely, spending your hard-earned capital on student debt incurred so you could take that job that pays you a pittance and not enjoy a morsel of the rest of your debt-laden life. Harsh, but true. In honor of my job being closely related to Warren Buffett, as he's graced the cover of many of our issues, rich lists and video interviews for our site, I've dedicated this initiative to him and his fortune.. May I be as financially wise as he someday.

Reality check #2: "Willing isn't working" initiative.
I've been out of high school for almost seven years.. Disturbing, I know. I have done several things since the departure from my adolescent educational institution. Some great (graduating college, moving back to the Northeast, making some fantastic friends, getting an adult job, being an adult, etc.), and some terrible (there will be no list for this because, let's face it, who wants to memorialize their demons?). The one consistent thing - up until about two years ago - was that I could always fit into my high school, and sometimes middle school, clothes. Why I still have clothes from middle school is another topic to tackle - I mean, they're coming back in style at some point, right? Regardless, with age comes change, and this was not a change I was willing to concede to, but, alas, I had no choice but to give up my adolescent wardrobe once my figure became more ladylike and less 12-year-old boy-like. I'm not interested in being a stick figure anymore - because you can't lose the hips when you become a lady - but I am interested in whipping my ass (literally) into shape. I've always been an extremely healthy, clean-eater, but I can't say I pay the same attention to my fitness. I can't complain about it if I'm not doing anything about it. And, I better do something about it in 2012 because age ain't nothing but a number that doesn't stop ascending.

Reality check #3: "A 'tandem' of sorts" initiative:
In tandem with the "Buffett" resolution, I really need to be more thrift-savvy with my wardrobe. I'm not talking cutting back on wardrobe enhancements.. I'm talking enhancing my thrifting skills. I used to be excellent at scouting out gems in thrift stores, but, as a sad admission, I haven't been to a thrift store in (what feels like) ages. The inspiration and creativity that can come from making one man's trash your treasure is endless. I do enough complaining about my lack of inspiration. In tandem with the "In tandem" resolution, I need to shop locally more often. Local boutiques and thrift/vintage stores offer so much more than the cookie-cutter stores of my pre-urban life. This is really a lifestyle choice I should have made a loooong time ago. It's better for the environment, community, local economy, and creativity. It's just better.

There are so many other transformations/slight alterations I'd like to make as we enter  le nouvel an. Too many to accomplish in 2012 alone. But, it's a start..

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