It's coming on Christmas

Considering it's the time of year when everyone heavily reflects on the the past 365 days and resolves to make changes, big or small, for the impending 365 days, I figured I would quantify mine again this year, and reflect on those I posted last year to gauge my progress... If there was any :).

To ring in 2013 like a champ, I want to start by recognizing that 2012 has been THE best year of my life. I'm 25 now, and I plan to have a couple of years ahead to top this one, but I couldn't have asked for anything better than what 2012 brought to the table. In order to move in a more positive direction, you have to acknowledge the things that make your life better. I haven't always been that person - I'm a cynic at heart - but, I noticed that when I started letting go of that cynicism as much as I could and started enjoying the things I wanted to do and the people I wanted to spend time with, things just started looking and feeling a lot better. When you're not constantly apologizing for your whole life, you actually enjoy it. PMA all day. That's my new way of life.

I suppose there are a few things that I want to accomplish in 2013.
  • I'd like to start by maintaining the positivity that I've finally managed to exercise. I'd like to increase it, if possible. I guess that really goes hand-in-hand with self-discovery. I know, that's trite, but I have my reasons for being so cliche.
  • I'd like to engage in more creative endeavors, like redesigning my apartment, actually starting to make the clothes I've been planning on making for two years, taking some acting classes, shit.. I might even start a band. I know, that last one is aggressive. 
  • I'd like to move to the West Coast this year. If only for a year or two. I will unabashedly own my love for Los Angeles. 
  • I'd like to spend more time educating myself. A lot more time. I spend enough time engaging my vices, so I'd like to counter that with a little more knowledge and little less wasted youth.
Last year I resolved to do three things: 1) stop spending like I'm a Kardashian (really, I wrote Warren Buffet, but Kardashian is probably more relatable); 2) take an active position in my overall health/fitness - word play!!; and 3) get more creative with repurposed and already-been-worn pieces. I would say that I've held pretty true to these, but made no big strides to accomplish or maintain these initiatives. I've definitely stopped spending on menial things, but amped up my travel expenses. I'd say that's a fair compromise because traveling is worth every penny, but those $200 dinners three times a week are a little ridiculous. When I think of all the things I could have spent that money on, or all the student loan debt I could have put that money toward, I cry a single tear and curse my (slightly) lavish irresponsibility. In tandem to that, I've definitely become more thrift-savvy. I've spent more time swapping clothes with friends, shopping at thrift & vintage stores, and restructuring the clothes in my wardrobe that just needed some extra oomph. As for the health and fitness initiative, well, it's no secret that I'm obsessive about the things I put in my body. My pantry looks like a super food/organic grocery store opened up shop in there. I'm very specific about the things I will and will not put into my body, to a fault sometimes. I think that everyone should be more aware of the things they're using to fuel Number One. I can't say I've been super diligent about making it to the gym, though. I go at least twice a week, which is more than I ever did when I was a bean pole, oddly enough. But, two times a week definitely needs to be more like four times a week. I know it's hard, and I'm lazy about it, but I know I can find the time. It's one of those habits that should be taking up the "down time" that's generally spent baking, or drinking wine and watching movies with my best friends. I think that I've made minimal progress this year, so I definitely want to add these back to my initiative list for next year and see if I can make more progress!

Here's to positive life changes in 2013! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! :)


Thanksgiving ideas pt. 2

Thanksgiving ideas pt. I



No (wo)man is an island,
but I've become a glacier.
When all surroundings become expeditious,
I'm standing still.


the first five days after the weekend are the hardest.

It was a gloomy weekend in New York City, but that led to some interesting outfit choices for my outings (I'm not going to let a little rain spoil my weekly brunch and football plans). I decided to get a little witchy in the vein of Lydia Deetz (lipstick: Sephora (color isn't available anymore); shirt: Forever 21) for my Sunday Brunch. It went over pretty well! Haha. 

This weekend I'm going to visit my mom and baby brother in Pennsylvania. We're going to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins and cider and take a hayride through the fir tree farm (it's like a coming attraction for Christmas, haha). My baby brother is six years-old so I take full advantage of his youth when Autumn and Winter roll around. I absolutely adore Autumn in the Northeast. I grew up going to Styers Orchard to pick apples and pumpkins with all of my cousins. I have nothing but fond memories of this time of year.   


flattery + various musings

I've had two flattering encounters with colleagues today. One called me just to let me know that she had an idea for a new profession for me: modeling. I scoffed and told her she was far too sweet, and she continued by saying that she loved every photo she'd seen of me and thought that I was beautiful enough to have a modeling career. The second came when a colleague I see every day ventured into my office for small talk and told me that I have a very beautiful face. Something is in the air on the 7th floor of my office building!

While those tales serve to boost my ego, they simultaneously serve to remind me to pay the compliments forward. Not in exchange, just forward. There are a number of time that I see women on the street with impeccable style and I fail to give them the flattering boost they deserve because either it would take "too much time" to stop and let someone know that their creative efforts aren't lost on others, or because you never know how a woman will react to such a compliment. I say this about women because women can't just walk up to men on the street and let them know how great they look, or that they're dressed exceptionally well, without looking desperate, unfortunately.

Flattery makes both parties feel great. When you pay someone a compliment you make that person feel like their effort isn't wasted, and you make yourself feel alright about making someones day a little brighter.


True Grit.

instant film + lots of laughs.

One of these will be my album cover some day. Until then, I'll stick to belting out songs in the comfort of my own shower.


Understated, Overly Impressed.

Mad Men may not have won a single Emmy of their 17 nominations, but Jessica Pare won my heart in her incredible white gown. Hers is the only (female) look of the night worth mentioning. She nailed it.

(The Cut)


Holiday. Celebrate.

25, you were a much anticipated (read: dreaded) milestone. But, you've turned out to be the best yet. If I've learned anything during the impending doom that is reaching your mid-20s, it's that you should always have fun - perhaps even more fun than you had in your almost- to early-20s. And, you should always enjoy time spent with the greatest people you'll ever know. That's precisely what I'm doing.

I know my last post was full of photos from Lauren Wool, but she's just so fantastic that she deserves another post. This was the best way to wave "goodbye" to Summer 2012, and "hello" to 25, with the greatest people (though some are notably absent) I've had the pleasure of spending my days and nights with.

(via Lauren E. Wool Photography; full set here)


Rock and Roll Betty Draper

Sometimes I let people take photos of me. Using professional equipment. It's nerve wracking to be on that side of the lens, especially when you're as much of a novice as I am, despite all of the years I've been doing this. One would think I would have developed a comfortable relationship with the camera after six years, but I am never really that comfortable when someone is shooting me, and it shows. I decided that I would just start embracing my awkward interactions with the lens and let the final products speak for themselves in their own genre.

Recently, I took some photos with my good friend Lauren Wool of Lauren E. Wool Photography. The idea surfaced when she was shooting a designer for an editorial and was completely uninspired by the lookbook the designer had produced. Our original intention was to shoot a Rock 'n Roll Betty Draper (something my friends refer to me as) scene, but ended up being a champagne-fueled gritty (in a good way), raw shoot in the vein of Terry Richardson. It was fun. As Lauren develops her website and portfolio, I'm sure there will be more days like this to come, and I promise to make them more professional and try to take myself seriously, but, until those shoots, we can continue to pop bubbly and roll with the punches.. Or snaps.

(Courtesy of Lauren E. Wool)