"who's it by? what's the label?"

I've recently started to really discover the brands that represent my style. Everyone has a distinct style and specific brands that speak to their individual style, but when you're a poor college student paying your way through school you're not really shopping brands for your style, you're scouring Forever 21 for the "Fabulous Finds" that you can make work with your budget. Now that I'm all grown up and work full-time in New York City, I decided to focus my obsessive shopping habits (compulsions, rather) on discovering my "brands". Don't get me wrong, Forever 21 and H&M will forever be in my blood and I will never tire of those two fabulous stores - they got me through college with compliments like: "you always look so well put together," and "you're the best dressed friend I have," and "you always look so amazing," (yes, that was a throwback to the confidence boosters bestowed upon me by my all-too-generous friends).

I would say these brands really speak to my everyday clothing style. I generally switch up my theme depending on my mood - I mean, who doesn't? But if I'm looking for consistency, these are the brands I turn to for staples:

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