they're programmed to destroy us.

in a perfect world i would never have to neglect the things that make me most happy. i would get paid to do the things that i love and never spend one second wondering when i'll get some time for myself and those menial things i hold so dear. fashion week, you're falling into this category, and i apologize profusely. i wish i could make it to the American Express Skybox on thursday to see samantha marcus yanks, but i'm sad to say i won't be able to. i recall having the same luck during fall fashion week.. such is the life of working in magazine publishing, but for the wrong niche.

i'm curious about this marc jacobs head of twitter and social media job. literally all you have to do to apply is tweet something interesting about the company. that's it. i actually just got a twitter. i don't know how relevant that makes me, but i got one nonetheless. let the unleashing of the snark begin.

in other "news", it's no secret that i'm hollywood regency/glamour obsessed. i've posted about it before, and i'm posting about it again. i've often been referred to as "timeless" and i guess i can't disagree. this tirade has a point, and that point leads to my favorite couture line: Dior. I'll repost my favorite looks on my tumblr - it's a hard platform to transition to, but i'm trying... my social media presence is transforming faster than i can keep up with the different mediums. i think that means i'm getting old.

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