i spent all night designing long-sleeved gowns (because it's so often that i have to wear gowns) - but really as a means to prove to myself it could be done without them turning out like late-80s/early-90s wedding gowns (i still shudder when i think of those sleeves). with a little inspiration from long-sleeve cocktails and a dash of imagination, i think i could make any formal occasion work in my favor.  i love my tattoos, but in the world i surround myself with they're not entirely accepted. if i could just find a space (i know that's ridiculous because i have a huge apartment - a rarity in new york) i would actually attempt to produce these designs.

maybe i should switch from editorial to design? yeah, right.

i always think it's hilarious how a person's nightstand is so indicative of their person. my nightstand always houses a vogue/elle/w/etc., a cup of coffee, the books i'm reading at the time, a basket of sunglasses (who can ever have just one pair?), my blackberry, and a lot of candles. it's pretty cluttered. there's always a yoga mat on my floor for my impromptu yoga/pilates dvd sessions (they happen more often than i ever expected), and my mac is never far from where i'm sitting in my room. it's very obvious what's important to me upon entering my apartment. i kind of like that.

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