i spent all night designing long-sleeved gowns (because it's so often that i have to wear gowns) - but really as a means to prove to myself it could be done without them turning out like late-80s/early-90s wedding gowns (i still shudder when i think of those sleeves). with a little inspiration from long-sleeve cocktails and a dash of imagination, i think i could make any formal occasion work in my favor.  i love my tattoos, but in the world i surround myself with they're not entirely accepted. if i could just find a space (i know that's ridiculous because i have a huge apartment - a rarity in new york) i would actually attempt to produce these designs.

maybe i should switch from editorial to design? yeah, right.

i always think it's hilarious how a person's nightstand is so indicative of their person. my nightstand always houses a vogue/elle/w/etc., a cup of coffee, the books i'm reading at the time, a basket of sunglasses (who can ever have just one pair?), my blackberry, and a lot of candles. it's pretty cluttered. there's always a yoga mat on my floor for my impromptu yoga/pilates dvd sessions (they happen more often than i ever expected), and my mac is never far from where i'm sitting in my room. it's very obvious what's important to me upon entering my apartment. i kind of like that.


all i ever wanted, all i ever needed


these are on my net-a-porter wish list for spring/summer. i will probably never acquire these beautiful things, but a girl can daydream. the trench is a little far reaching on the day dreaming - but seriously, those louboutins.. those are a spring necessity, and the chloe bikini chose me for summer shore/hamptons trips - IT CHOSE ME, i did not choose it.


they're programmed to destroy us.

in a perfect world i would never have to neglect the things that make me most happy. i would get paid to do the things that i love and never spend one second wondering when i'll get some time for myself and those menial things i hold so dear. fashion week, you're falling into this category, and i apologize profusely. i wish i could make it to the American Express Skybox on thursday to see samantha marcus yanks, but i'm sad to say i won't be able to. i recall having the same luck during fall fashion week.. such is the life of working in magazine publishing, but for the wrong niche.

i'm curious about this marc jacobs head of twitter and social media job. literally all you have to do to apply is tweet something interesting about the company. that's it. i actually just got a twitter. i don't know how relevant that makes me, but i got one nonetheless. let the unleashing of the snark begin.

in other "news", it's no secret that i'm hollywood regency/glamour obsessed. i've posted about it before, and i'm posting about it again. i've often been referred to as "timeless" and i guess i can't disagree. this tirade has a point, and that point leads to my favorite couture line: Dior. I'll repost my favorite looks on my tumblr - it's a hard platform to transition to, but i'm trying... my social media presence is transforming faster than i can keep up with the different mediums. i think that means i'm getting old.


fashion week, y'all

fashion week is upon us. i remember my first fashion week like it was yesterday - probably because it was pretty much yesterday (since it was fall fashion week and all).

i wish i could take the whole week off and go to every event i could squeeze my way into - but alas, if i want to continue to support my fashion habit, then i'm going to have to remain a slave to these contracts. le sigh.

regardless, tonight is the nicky digital tribeca grand event with a dj set by yelle.. aesthetically pleasing clothes and fun, oh my! thursday is the opening of the guess flagship on 5th - i don't know how or why i was invited to the cocktail party, but i'm going, even if for only 30 minutes.

i know i should be spending my money on clothes and gearing up for the summer, but i can't do that until i've gotten in tip top shape for bikini season. the girls and i are coining the first ever "operation keap hope slim down," effective once eblank gets back from LA. i, however, have started an individual regimen that consists of our fitness contest at work (yes, Forbes has a penthouse gym, and yes, i am partaking in a Forbes fitness contest... i know.), and my new obsession - power yoga. i'm going to try some of the yoga to the people classes and see which i like best - but for now i'm getting my ass kicked with crunch power yoga. i guess that means i'll have to invest in more adorable gym clothes (if there are such things). and, yes, my primary concern is finding fashionable clothes to sweat and get my ass kicked in - NOT losing 20 lbs.