the end to something that never began

is it completely, utterly cliche to idolize marilyn monroe? i've long had this obsession - well, unwavering love and devotion - for classics. my favorite movies as a child were shirley temple movies, and, also in my youth, i fast fell in love with all things judy garland. i spent countless hours studying vivienne leigh in "a street car named desire", and much preferred "bye, bye birdie" and "the sound of music" to any olson twins movie.

the love grew to be all-consuming, and at times i've found that i've become unrelatable because i've succumbed to a world of hollywood glamour when glamour wasn't just a thing of the past. i suppose it was this obsession with "old hollywood" that led to my dreams of being an actress. or, perhaps it was my love of acting that sparked such a keen interest in the films of hollywood's heyday. maybe both are mutually exclusive in my case.

to be as enchanting as marilyn is something a girl can only dream of. i've never seen anything like it since.

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