and then there were three.

there is this wonderful jewelry store around the corner from my apartment. i first came across their gems when i was reading nymag (online, of course) while still living in florida. the topic at hand was something along the lines of engagement rings for those who don't like engagement rings - ummm, could that be more me? anyway, i fell in love. it wasn't until i made the 1000+ mile trek to brooklyn that i stumbled upon this fantastic flagship... right on bedford avenue, of course.

i've never really been one for marriage (as you can tell from my last post about wanting to get married...? what?), but, i have a very open love affair with all things wedding. ask my friends, they'll all tell you that i've always wanted a wedding, obsessed about having a wedding even, but never wanted to actually be married. backwards, right? my obsession thrusts me into endless fantasies about taffeta, lace, tulle, birdcages, tuxes, so much family togetherness, endless flows of champagne, extravagant desserts, and frank sinatra assisting everyone on the dance floor. it also poses the inevitable question, "considering i don't particularly care for diamonds and gold bands, what would my engagement ring look like?" i always knew it would be black, whatever it was - that, or brown, but most likely black.  imagine my dilemma trying to dream up the perfect black diamond engagement ring. nothing in this world is more important than solving this problem, obviously.

and then catbird saved me endless hours pondering what my perfect fiance would choose to put on my perfect little finger so i could start planning our perfect wedding and we could begin our perfect lives together - catbird, you really saved my future fiance, and future self, a lot of trouble.

the first ring isn't necessarily an engagement ring. the "stone" is silver, and the setting is brass. but, replace that silver with a black diamond, and you've got yourself an undisputed yes. the second ring.. well, that doesn't even need explanation. uh-may-zing. the third ring started it all. 


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