honey, i'm home.

i can't say i'm mad about this, at all, haha. banana republic designer, simon kneen, and mad men costume designer, janie bryant, are collaborating on a campaign to instruct women on executing mad men-inspired looks. not that i watch the show very often, although when i do it's really hard to break away, but i do love that this style is reemerging. Slowly, of course.

i, personally, have an affinity for short hemlines and over-sized t-shirts disguised as dresses - an obsession that dates back to my days in kindergarten when it wasn't so cool to belt a big shirt and pass it off as a dress - however, i could easily see myself slipping into one of these dresses and falling in love. i supposed it would bring to the surface domesticated urges i never knew i had... maybe that's not such a bad thing? ha.

this reminds me of a louis vuitton campaign i saw recently, which was the first thing that popped into my head upon reading about the collab.

i must admit, i'm partial to the the louis campaign. the inspiration for the line, and shoot, was impeccably executed. the first item on my list of mad men/60s inspired garments and accessories (something i tried to get my hands on last year, but never actually got around to picking some up) is a pair (or three) of elbow length gloves for the fall/winter.

(tfs, fashion gone rogue)

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