and my lipstick on your face.

more blonde inspiration. i need to keep reminding myself that i actually like blonde hair because i'm having second thoughts now. ugh.

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you pop that gum one more time..

i love this look. the simplistic styling. the asymmetry of the dress design. and, the model is gorgeous. she has inspired me to dye my hair verrrry blonde. we'll see how well this works out over my brown, almost black, hair.

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the witches of eastwick.

i just caught a glimpse of this on the trashed fashion, and this screams "amanda." seriously, i need this.

honey, i'm home.

i can't say i'm mad about this, at all, haha. banana republic designer, simon kneen, and mad men costume designer, janie bryant, are collaborating on a campaign to instruct women on executing mad men-inspired looks. not that i watch the show very often, although when i do it's really hard to break away, but i do love that this style is reemerging. Slowly, of course.

i, personally, have an affinity for short hemlines and over-sized t-shirts disguised as dresses - an obsession that dates back to my days in kindergarten when it wasn't so cool to belt a big shirt and pass it off as a dress - however, i could easily see myself slipping into one of these dresses and falling in love. i supposed it would bring to the surface domesticated urges i never knew i had... maybe that's not such a bad thing? ha.

this reminds me of a louis vuitton campaign i saw recently, which was the first thing that popped into my head upon reading about the collab.

i must admit, i'm partial to the the louis campaign. the inspiration for the line, and shoot, was impeccably executed. the first item on my list of mad men/60s inspired garments and accessories (something i tried to get my hands on last year, but never actually got around to picking some up) is a pair (or three) of elbow length gloves for the fall/winter.

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plie, pirouette.

two of my favorite things combined. fashion and ballet.

i really love all styles of dance, but my first love is ballet. 

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let them eat cake.

to  a normal eye, it would appear that this editorial has a pink-inspired central theme. but, to a marie antoinette-obsessed, it is clear that the art direction was inspired by the sofia coppola film.

i have been in lust, no, LOVE with the film marie antoinette since i purchased it on a whim a couple of years ago. to this day, i watch that movie at least three or four times a month. the aesthetics are to die for. the artistic direction of the film is impeccable and inspired a love for pastels and intricate textiles that my dark, minimalist self could never understand.

is it terribly obvious how in love i am with the film and this editorial? thought so..

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oh, but your wish is my command.

The confusion has settled. Two weeks of uncertainty can really throw off the most diligent of people. I'm settled in at my new place for now. Right on St. Mark's Place and 3rd Avenue. Truly in the heart of it all. I couldn't be more ecstatic and awestruck. It takes me 10-15 minutes to walk to work with the most amazing scenery and culture to take in on the trek. My friends are just an L ride away, and who knows.. Maybe I'll settle in Brooklyn for a while? But, for now, the East Village has everything I ever wanted for as long as I've wanted to live in New York City.

This means good things for my wardrobe ;)
And for anyone out there who is interested.