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I cannot get enough of these nail colors. Every time I take  one of these colors off, I put another one on. You'd think I would get sick of looking at the same three colors over and over again because I'm normally averse to bright nail colors, but I can't help myself. Not only are these colors perfect for the summer, they inadvertently match something on my person at all times (another thing I'm normally averse to). I must say, it is a pleasant break from the dark nail colors of the fall and winter, which I too love dearly. 

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Amica Italy 2010
(Knight Cat)

In the words of the sweet, innocent Shirley Temple: "Oh my goodness!" I caught a glimpse of these on Knight Cat and immediately found myself unable to take my eyes off of this editorial. The layering of the fabrics is just right (sometimes it can be a little overkill), and the mixture of the textures is impeccable. On top of that amazingness, the styling is perfect. It is definitely reminiscent of something I would put together. My favorite out of all the looks is the first look, for sure.

This immediately reminded me of something I've been doing a lot lately: wearing night gowns, or undergarments, as outfits. I recently went to my mom's for her birthday and upon entering was greeted with, "so, you're wearing my night gown as a shirt?" She'll be pleased to see that I'm not the only one who thinks this is acceptable!

it's the city that never sleeps.

SO, I landed my first job in New York City, and I'm about to embark on the adventure of my life! I was hoping my first city job would be at a publishing company, and low and behold, I got my wish. Although the position is a temp-to-perm position, I'm crossing my fingers that I can dazzle my department so much so that they decide to bring me on permanently... but the uncertainty of it all is terrifying and thrilling at the same time.

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to pull off commuting from Philadelphia to New York City until my position in the company is certain, but it appears as though I'll be lacking quality sleep and gaining endorphin and adrenaline rushes to sustain my sanity.

I may be jumping the gun on this whole situation by looking for apartments in Brooklyn already, but the thing I'm more eager for is the readily accessible fashion world at my finger tips. Living in Jacksonville, Florida taught me how to scour for things I want, but living in the City will allow me to stumble upon breathtaking pieces I wouldn't have known how to find otherwise. I'm a novice when it comes to fashion blogging, and lack the network to promote myself since not many of friends are interested in the fashion world, but once I start building my wardrobe and meeting people, hopefully I'll expand my network too. We shall see.....

poly want a cracker?

These are fantastic. These dresses are exceptionally adorable.

Natasha Poly for July 2010 Vogue Spain, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.


i can see riiiiight through you.

Mark Fast's line for Top Shop comes out in a week, and I can't wait. I'm seriously hoping to get my hands on this beauty... If it hasn't flown off the hangers before I can mosey myself to SoHo.



if the shoe fits.

I loooooove these Joe's Jeans wedges. Like, really love them. Even Loree Rodkin loves them.

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from rags to riches

I've been meaning to post my favorite looks from Rag & Bone's 2011 Resort collection... Swoon.
Can I just wear these every day?



"catch up"


Hello, Uma Therman circa 1994 in Pulp Fiction..?

Just kidding, Megan, I knew it was you. I must say this concept is slightly off-putting.

you took a heart, i can take out you.

I know that it is only June, and there are (what feels like) 27 years of summer heat to endure, or three months.. Whichever you prefer. And, I know i should be enjoying the "fun-in-the-sun" activities, glossed over with SPF of course, but I can't help dreaming about the fantastic clothes I'll get to pile on in the fall. Considering I'm a novice when it comes to dressing for Philadelphia/New York  fall/winter weather (having spent my Thanksgivings on the beach), I can't wait to bundle up and cease the days of sitting in front of a window fan in the least amount of clothes I've sported in my adult life.

My wardrobe consists of little fabric and more skin in the days of 95 degree weather, and there always seems to be a popsicle in my hand at some point throughout the day. To me, I have more interest in fall/winter clothes because I can wear however many pieces I see fit and not spend the day looking, and feeling, like I just stepped out of a sauna. I think fall/winter wardrobes allow for the most creativity and my decreasing patience with the sweltering summer has left me even more anxious for color-changing leaves and snow days.

Before the fall/winter weather in the lovely Northeast begins, I am in dire need of adding these pieces from Pixie Market and Elie Tahari to my fall wardrobe. DIRE, I tell you. Also, the Elie skirt is from the 2011 Resort collection, but I think it fits perfectly with things I've got my eye on for the fall.

In order of appearance, not preference: L 13, Horace, Just FM, and Elie Tahari.


home is whenever i'm with you.

I have this obsession for searching through editorials, which every girl with the affinity for fashion has, but I am beginning to think this obsession is becoming a problem. It is an all-consuming hobby, or past time, or whatever you will call it. Coupled with my obsession for fashion photography and styling comes the incessant need to search for images that amuse me and please my thirst for aesthetic pleasure. That disclaimer proposed, here goes another stream of images.

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I can't get enough of the Chanel dress, or Lily Donaldson. Adorable.

Also, if this Loewe Napa Bra does not end up in my possession, I may suffer heart failure. Massive heart failure.