you guys made me ink

A growing trend these days - an undeniable trend, no less - is the emergence of highly visible tattoos. Having the affinity for inking my body as early as high school, I've never considered my tattoos a hinderance on my professional or social life. It wasn't until I saw the Hannah Holman spread in Russian Vogue and the Rodarte Spring/Summer 2010 RTW collection that I realized, maybe designers and agents are altering their perspective on body art as well?

Body modification is not for everyone. Clearly. The tattoo trend may be sweeping the mainstream rapidly, but not everyone is eager to cover their arms and necks with permanent ink. In April 2005, it was reported that 45 million people have at least one tattoo, which may not seem like a lot in a world with almost 6.7 billion people, but compare that figure to a bank statement and your perspective may change.

Its no wonder that the increasing trend would seep into the fashion world. And no, I'm not just referring small wrist tattoos like Giselle's.

January 2010 spread in Russian Vogue                     

Rodarte Spring/Summer 2010 RTW Collection

Although the body art gracing the Rodarte runway during New York's Fashion Week was temporary, the mere fact that Kate and Laura Mulleavy chose to include it in their concept was a step forward for both the fashion and tattoo industries. And, Hannah Holman may not sport a spider web on her elbow, or a rose with a banner reading "Mom," but the January 2010 spread in Russian Vogue couples her with two heavily tattooed, strapping young lads.

The inevitable question begs: Would the body art distract from the wearable art on display?
Well, would you go to a gallery opening and look at the frames but not the photographs?
Often times people notice my style before they notice my tattoos, and I can't imagine that breathtaking pieces could be one-upped by a tattoo. Actually, if the collection calls for it (hello, Rodarte!), or the photo concept would be lost upon it's viewers without it, I say ink away and never look back.