they call it boogie fever.

 we went to a roller disco.
nothing about this is particularly fashionable, but we got a little creative with the "broco" label - from that fateful brainstorm session, the "broco-hollix" were conceived and inevitably birthed into the basement of the hudson hotel for a night of roller discoing and gawking at each others brilliantly put together disco/derby get ups. 


who really needs their two front teeth..?

i'm sure this will fall on blind eyes, as most things i write often do, but maybe santa will see this and take it upon himself to shimmy down my chimney with these in tow:

apparently my wrists need some love? also, i know that those latin cuffs are so old.. but i used to have one and i don't know what i did with it, so now i need another - or three.

p.s. those amulets are a top priority. the robindira cuff is a close second.

this is just the beginning of a lust list.. le sigh.


what are you hiding?

 THE best concealer i've ever used (not including under-eye concealers). literally glides onto my skin and matches my skin tone perfectly. sometimes i miss blending spots because it matches so well. embarrassing or amazing?
 i've used this for a while, and love the formula. it's heavy enough to cover my disgraceful dark circles, but light enough that it doesn't look like i've caked anything on my face. the best part - it's so cheap!
i recently decided to try this under eye concealer, and to my surprise, i wasn't 100% wowed. perhaps i haven't given it a long enough run? it looks good on, but there is no significant difference between this and the clinique  concealer - except the price.

also in my arsenal (because i literally have an arsenal of concealer that costs more than my winter coat):

 and this is just what i carry with my every day - i obviously don't use them all every day. i have a concealer-buying problem.

(sephora, mac)


the end to something that never began

is it completely, utterly cliche to idolize marilyn monroe? i've long had this obsession - well, unwavering love and devotion - for classics. my favorite movies as a child were shirley temple movies, and, also in my youth, i fast fell in love with all things judy garland. i spent countless hours studying vivienne leigh in "a street car named desire", and much preferred "bye, bye birdie" and "the sound of music" to any olson twins movie.

the love grew to be all-consuming, and at times i've found that i've become unrelatable because i've succumbed to a world of hollywood glamour when glamour wasn't just a thing of the past. i suppose it was this obsession with "old hollywood" that led to my dreams of being an actress. or, perhaps it was my love of acting that sparked such a keen interest in the films of hollywood's heyday. maybe both are mutually exclusive in my case.

to be as enchanting as marilyn is something a girl can only dream of. i've never seen anything like it since.


no one can see the damage that we've done

 the best foundation i've ever used. i've never gotten more compliments in my life.. ever.
 i've been wearing this for years. people actually know me by this scent. love.

i know i've already posted about this, but it deserves another nod. the most interesting, but probably the best thing i've done for my skin. yay for handmade, vegan face wash!

i feel nude without this. ironically, the only other shade i put on my lips is nude. but seriously, sometimes my reflection seems off, and then i put this on and all is right.


double take

a lot of people tell me i look like these ladies:

obviously because we all have long, dark hair, bangs, really light eyes, and dress alike.



the softer side of sears

i'm going soft on my "neo-goth" side. my wardrobe, which has lacked color diversity for some time, is thanking me.. i suppose. well, the fresh farmacy doesn't count as altering my black-infested (in a good way) wardrobe, but i thought i'd throw an extra pink item that i use on the regular for fun.

(lush cosmetics, l'oreal, jcrew)


and then there were three.

there is this wonderful jewelry store around the corner from my apartment. i first came across their gems when i was reading nymag (online, of course) while still living in florida. the topic at hand was something along the lines of engagement rings for those who don't like engagement rings - ummm, could that be more me? anyway, i fell in love. it wasn't until i made the 1000+ mile trek to brooklyn that i stumbled upon this fantastic flagship... right on bedford avenue, of course.

i've never really been one for marriage (as you can tell from my last post about wanting to get married...? what?), but, i have a very open love affair with all things wedding. ask my friends, they'll all tell you that i've always wanted a wedding, obsessed about having a wedding even, but never wanted to actually be married. backwards, right? my obsession thrusts me into endless fantasies about taffeta, lace, tulle, birdcages, tuxes, so much family togetherness, endless flows of champagne, extravagant desserts, and frank sinatra assisting everyone on the dance floor. it also poses the inevitable question, "considering i don't particularly care for diamonds and gold bands, what would my engagement ring look like?" i always knew it would be black, whatever it was - that, or brown, but most likely black.  imagine my dilemma trying to dream up the perfect black diamond engagement ring. nothing in this world is more important than solving this problem, obviously.

and then catbird saved me endless hours pondering what my perfect fiance would choose to put on my perfect little finger so i could start planning our perfect wedding and we could begin our perfect lives together - catbird, you really saved my future fiance, and future self, a lot of trouble.

the first ring isn't necessarily an engagement ring. the "stone" is silver, and the setting is brass. but, replace that silver with a black diamond, and you've got yourself an undisputed yes. the second ring.. well, that doesn't even need explanation. uh-may-zing. the third ring started it all. 



happily never after

NY magazine: you've got to stop making me want to get married just so i can wear the gowns you choose for your bridal section. i never wanted to get married, and now all i want to do is slip into a big, taffeta gown with some black gloves and walk down the aisle. no marriage license necessary; the princess-like moment will do.

perhaps i shan't place all of the blame on the fashion editors at NY mag.. i mean, it's not their fault the gowns they chose are so aesthetically scrumptious.

new disclaimer: DESIGNERS: you've got to stop designing delicious wedding gowns until i'm ready (if EVER) to tie the knot - again, no marriage license necessary, just the gown and my love.



i like girls that wear abercrombie and fitch.

marije geokoop really hit the nail on the head with this one.

this is what i look like when i'm not in work attire.

i wish. 


with the return of the pumpkin spice latte...

goodbye, sweat-soaked dresses.
hello, long sleeves.

my favorite season is quickly approaching, and i need to buy some new jackets and coats!

(nasty gal)


we'll send him out on a rail.

who says fashion doesn't make a statement? i, personally, am inspired by the power of these photos, and the fearless, somehow inevitably controversial, direction of this editorial. it'll be disheartening if this concept is ill-received, but i fear that such bold statements (visual and audible) are never taken in stride.

(refinery 29)


and my lipstick on your face.

more blonde inspiration. i need to keep reminding myself that i actually like blonde hair because i'm having second thoughts now. ugh.

(ffffound, them-thangs, fashion gone rogue)


you pop that gum one more time..

i love this look. the simplistic styling. the asymmetry of the dress design. and, the model is gorgeous. she has inspired me to dye my hair verrrry blonde. we'll see how well this works out over my brown, almost black, hair.

(pixie market)


the witches of eastwick.

i just caught a glimpse of this on the trashed fashion, and this screams "amanda." seriously, i need this.

honey, i'm home.

i can't say i'm mad about this, at all, haha. banana republic designer, simon kneen, and mad men costume designer, janie bryant, are collaborating on a campaign to instruct women on executing mad men-inspired looks. not that i watch the show very often, although when i do it's really hard to break away, but i do love that this style is reemerging. Slowly, of course.

i, personally, have an affinity for short hemlines and over-sized t-shirts disguised as dresses - an obsession that dates back to my days in kindergarten when it wasn't so cool to belt a big shirt and pass it off as a dress - however, i could easily see myself slipping into one of these dresses and falling in love. i supposed it would bring to the surface domesticated urges i never knew i had... maybe that's not such a bad thing? ha.

this reminds me of a louis vuitton campaign i saw recently, which was the first thing that popped into my head upon reading about the collab.

i must admit, i'm partial to the the louis campaign. the inspiration for the line, and shoot, was impeccably executed. the first item on my list of mad men/60s inspired garments and accessories (something i tried to get my hands on last year, but never actually got around to picking some up) is a pair (or three) of elbow length gloves for the fall/winter.

(tfs, fashion gone rogue)